Easton Library

1074 NYS ROUTE 40 GREENWICH, NY 12834-9518 518-692-2253

Community Resources

Washington County Office for Aging and Disabilities Resource Center

383 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY 12828

Tele: (518) 746-2572 

Fax: (518) 746-2418H

NYS WIC’s new virtual chat assistant, Wanda

New York State Live Online Learning Resource

DOE/EPA 2023 Model Year Fuel Economy Guide

Coronavirus Information


National Federation For The Blind

Government Contacts

Local Contacts

  • Easton Town Clerk: 518-692-2678
  • Easton Highway Superintendent: 518-692-0029
  • Easton Fire House: 518-692-8671

LEAP : Learning.Employment.Assistance.



Easton Library

Easton Library