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Special Collections

Pierce/Hill District No. 7 River Road

One-Room Schools of Easton

In 1997 a group of people working on behalf of the Easton Library initiated a project to preserve information about rural school education in Easton. The photographs we have on display were reproduced from historic originals coming primarily from a collection thoughtfully preserved by Avis and John Visser, and loaned by Theresa and Gilbert Pratt. Natalie Beck, Shirley DeFoe and Gilbert Wright also provided photographs. There are 18 photographs in our collection. These are just a few.

Yellow Schoolhouse Dist. No. 12 Route 40

Booth/Coffin Dist. No. 3 River Road

Additional Collections

  • The Briggs Collection – personal family collection pertaining to general genealogy study and to pre- revolutionary families of Southeastern New England (1620 – 1775) many of whom settled in Easton. 78 volumes.
  • Friends Meeting Records and Seminary Accounts, 1774 -1929. Microfilm (See The Quakers)
  • Easton Town Records, 1789 – 1957. Microfilm
  • Minute Books of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Easton,1888-93. Microfilm
  • Minutes of the Woman’s Political Equality Club of Easton, 1906 – 1910. Microfilm
  • Genealogical records of some Easton families
  • Slides/photographs of Easton, 1976-77. 600 images
  • Depiction of North Easton, 1800’s. 6 framed photographs
  • Early maps of Easton on display, 1866.
  • File of information on local Underground Railroad activities.
Easton Library

Easton Library